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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Archiv 2003". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:


3 Wishes - Shake well before use, Hard Rock


Absurd - Dernieres Sommations, Progressive Metal
Adagio - Underworld, Melodic Metal
Agent Steel - Order of the Illuminati, Speed Metal
Airborn - D-Generation, Power Metal
Alias Eye - A Different Point Of You, Prog Rock
Anathema - A natural Disaster, Rock
Andralls - Force against Mind, Thrash Metal
Ankhara - Sombras del Pasado, Progressive Metal
Anvil Bitch - Rise to Offend, Heavy Metal
Aragorn - Noonday - The Anthology, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Arch Nemesis - Shadows in the Mirror, Progressive Dark Metal
Arija - Krestschenije ognjom, Melodic/Power Metal
Arise - Kings of the cloned Generation, Death Metal
Arthemis - Golden Dawn, Power Metal
Astral Doors - Of the Son and the Father, Heavy Metal
Attika - Attika, Heavy Metal


Balance of Power - Heathen Machine, Melodic Metal
Baltak - Macedonian War, Black Metal
Before the Dawn - My Darkness, Dark Metal
Black Steel - Destructor, Heavy Metal
Blind Guardian - Bards Song - Single, Power Metal
Blind Guardian - LIVE, Power Metal
Blinded Colony - Divine, Melodic Death Metal
Bludgeon - Crucified LIVE (CD + DVD), Death Metal
Bob Catley - When Empires Burn, Hardrock
Breakpoint - None to sell, Hardcore


Cage - Darker than Black, Power Metal
Catch 22 - Awaken, Power Metal
Charon - The Dying Daylights, Gothic Metal
Chinchilla - Madtropolis, Power Metal
Circle II Circle - Watching in Silence, Power Metal
Coma Star - Headroom of Conscience, Alternative
Concept - Reason and Truth, Power Metal
Cornerstone - Once upon our yesterdays, Hard Rock
Corruption - Orgasmusica, Stoner Rock
Crystal Ball - Hellvetia, Hardrock


Deafening Silence - Edge of Life, Power Metal
Destruction - Metal Discharge, Thrash Metal
Destructor - Sonic Bullet, Speed Metal
DGM - Hidden places, Progressive Metal
Dimension Zero - This is Hell, Death / Thrash
Dismal - Rubino Liquido / Three scarlet drops..., Gothic
Dog Fashion Disco - Committed to a bright Future, Crossover
Domain - The sixth Dimension, Melodic Metal
Doomstone - Disharmonic, Death / Thrash
Doomsword - Let Battle Commence, Epic Doom Metal
Dragonland - Holy War, Power Metal
Dreamtide - Dreams for the Daring, Hardrock


Enshadowed - Messengers of the darkest dawn, Black Metal
Erik Norlander - Music Machine, Progressive Rock/Metal
Evolution - Dark dreams of light, Heavy Metal
Exiled - Fortune Teller, Heavy Metal


Falconer - The Sceptre of Deception, Speed-/Folkmetal
Fallen Yggdrasil - In no sense Innocence, Death Metal
Fire Trails - Vanadium Tribute, Hardrock
Firewind - Burning Earth, Power Metal
Forest of Impaled - Forward the Spears, Black Metal
Forsaken - Iconoclast, Doom
Furia - Un lac de larmes et de sang, Melodic Death/Black Metal


Gaia Epicus - Satrap, Power Metal
Gamma Ray - Skeletons in the Closet - LIVE, True Metal
Gary Hughes - Once and Future King - Part I, Rock/Metal Oper
Gary Hughes - Once and Future King - Part II, Rock/Metal Oper
Glenn Hughes - Songs in the Key of Rock, Rock
Goat Horn - Storming the Gates, Heavy Metal
Grave Digger - Rheingold, Power Metal
Grimfist - Ghouls of Grandeur, Black / Death Metal
Gun Barrel - Battle-Tested, Rock'n'Roll


Hardline - Live at the Gods Festival 2002, Hardrock
Harem Scarem - Higher, Melodic Rock
Heaven Blast - Heaven Blast, Power Metal
Heaven'n'Hell - Sleeping with angels, Heavy Metal
Helloween - Rabbit don't come easy, Power Metal
Highland Glory - From the cradle to the brave, Melodic Metal
Himsa - Courting Tragedy and Disaster, Melodic Thrash/Death
Holocaust - Primal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Holy Knights - A Gate through the Past, Power Metal
Horrified - Deus Diabolus Inversus, Dark Metal
Hortus Animae - Waltzing Mephisto, Gothic Black Metal


Iced Earth - The Reckoning - Maxi, Power Metal
Imago Mortis - Vida: The Play of Change, Progressive Doom Metal
Immortal Rites - Art Of Devolution, Melodic Death Metal
Infinite Dreams - Touch my skin, Melodic Rock
Insania - Never 2L84H8, Heavy Metal
Invocator - Through the flesh to the soul, Neo Thrash
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death, New Wave of British Heavy Metal


Jack Starr's Guardians of the Flame - Under a savage Sky, Power Metal
Jaguar - Run Ragged, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
John Arch - A Twist of Fate, Prog Metal


K-Octave - Outer Limits, Heavy Metal
King Diamond - The Puppet Master, Heavy Metal
Kiss - Alive IV, Hard Rock


L.A. Guns - Golden Bullets, Glam Rock
Lament - Breathless, Melodic Metal
Last Tribe - The Uncrowned, Melodic Metal
Letzte Instanz - Götter auf Abruf, Folk Metal
Lordi - Get Heavy, Heavy Metal
Los Suaves - Si yo fuera Dios, Rock'n'Roll
Lost Horizon - A flame to the Ground beneath, Power Metal
Lowdown - Unknown, Nu Metal
Lujuria - El Poder del Deseo, Power Metal


Mägo de Oz - Gaia, Folk Metal
Majesty - Reign in Glory, True Metal
Masterplan - Masterplan, Power Metal
Melechesh - Sphynx, Black Metal
Metal Militia - Perpetual State of Aggression, Thrash Metal
Metallica - St. Anger, Neo Thrash
Mindfield - Be-Low, Gothic Metal
Mirror of Deception - Conversion, Doom
Misery Index - Retaliate, Death Metal
Moonsorrow - Suden Uni, Viking Metal
Motörhead - Live at Brixton Academy, Rock'n'Roll
My sixth Shadow - 10 Steps 2 your heart, Gothic
Mystery Blue - Metal Slaves, Power/Speed Metal
Mystic Circle - Open the gates of hell, Black/Death


Nasty Savage - Wage of Mayhem, Heavy Metal
Necrodeath - Ton(e)s of hate, Black/Thrash
Negative Creeps - In Utero Rebirth, Hardcore
Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge, Progressive Powermetal
Nevermore - Enemies of Reality, Power Metal
Nightfall - I am Jesus, Dark Metal
Nordheim - River of Death, Power Metal
Norther - Mirror of Madness, Black / Power Metal
Not Fragile - Yesterday's Heroes, Power Metal


Olc Sinnsir - The throne of dead emotions, Black Metal
Omen - Eternal Black Dawn, Heavy Metal
Orodruin - Epicurean Mass, Doom Metal
Ozzy Osbourne - The Essential, Heavy Metal / Hard Rock


Paragon - The Dark Legacy, Power Metal
Perfect World - self, Melodic Rock
Porretas - El Directo, Rock
Power Quest - Wings of Forever, Power Metal
Pride - Signs of Purity, Melodic Rock
Pride of Lions - self, Melodic Rock
Prong - Scorpio Rising, Groove Metal


Queensryche - Tribe, Prog Rock


Rage - Soundchaser, Power Metal
Rain - Headshaker, Power Metal
Ram - Sudden Impact, Power Metal
Rata Blanca - El Camino del Fuego, Hard Rock
Rebellion - Born a Rebel, Heavy Metal
Requiem - Mask of Damnation, Neoklassischer Powermetal
Richard Anderssons Space Odyssey - Embrace the Galaxy, Melodic Metal
Richie Kotzen - Change, Rock
Ring of Fire - Burning live in Tokyo 2002, Neoklassischer Powermetal
Ritual Steel - A Hell of a Knight, Heavy Metal
Rosae Crucis - Worms of the earth, Speed Metal
Rottweiller - Screams of the Innocent, Heavy Metal
Rough Silk - End of Inifinity, Melodic Metal
Royal Hunt - Eye Witness, Neoklassischer Powermetal
Running Wild - 20 Years in History, Power Metal
Rupture Christ - Molesting the Entrails of the Disembowled, Grindcore
Rush - Rush in Rio, Prog Rock


Sacred Sin - Hekatón, Death/Black Metal
Scent of Flesh - Roaring dephts of insanity, Death Metal
Sed Lex - De Viris, Melodic Metal
Seethings - Parallels, Nu Metal
Septer - Transgressor, Heavy Metal
Setherial - Endtime divine, Black Metal
Seven Serafim - Believe in angels, Progressive Metal
Seven Witches - Passage to the other Side, Heavy Metal
Shadow Season - The Frozen, Black Metal
Shadows of Steel - Second Floor, Power Metal
Shakra - Rising, Hardrock
Sigma - Win or Lose - Promo, Melodic Metal
Sigma - Win or Lose, Melodic Metal
Silent Edge - The eyes of the shadow, Progressive Metal
Sin City Six - Home of the Brave, Rock'n'Roll
Sissy - Sick, New Rock
Six Feet Under - Bringer of Blood, Death Metal
Six Magics - Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley, Power Metal
Skepticism - Farmakon, Doom Metal
Solemnity - King of Dreams, Power Metal
Solitaire - Rising to the challenge, Thrash Metal
Soziedad Alkoholica - Tiempos Oscuros, Hardcore
Spirit Corpse - First Truth, Last Breath, düsterer Metal / Rock'n'Roll
Spirit Web - Far beyond the visual Mind, Crossover / harter Rock
Stratovarius - Elements Pt. 1, Power Metal
Stratovarius - Elements Pt. 2, Power Metal
Sturm - Fragmente, NDH
Supersuckers - Motherfuckers be trippin, Rock'n'Roll
Surpreme Majesty - Danger, Melodic Metal
Swallow the Sun - The Morning never came, Doom/Death Metal
Sworn Enemy - As real as it gets, Hardcore


Tacca Mills - Something going wrong, Crossover
Talisman - Cats and Dogs, Melodic Rock
Tape - #1, Nu Metal
Tarot - Suffer our Pleasures, Power Metal
Terrorwheel - Rhythm`n`Murder, Speed Metal
The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed, Black-, Death- und Thrash Metal
The Duskfall - Frailty, Melodic Death Metal
The Elysian Fields - 12 Ablaze, Dark Metal
The Gathering - Monsters, Psychedelic Rock
The Hidden Hand - Divine Propaganda, Doom Rock
The Quireboys - 100% Live 2002, Rock'n'Roll
The Sixth Incubator - inphonoir, Industrial / Death Metal
The Wake - Ode to my Misery, Melodic Death Metal
Thou Art Lord - DV8, Black / Death
Thunder - Shooting at the Sun, Hardrock
Thunderbolt - Demons and Diamonds, Power Metal
Thy Gate Beyond - The Power to Thrash, Speed Metal
Tierra Santa - Indomable, Power Metal
Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror of Creation, Prog Metal
Total Devastation - Roadmap of Pain, Death Metal
Trivium - Ember to Inferno, Melodic Death / Thrash
Tvangeste - Firestorm, Gothic Black Metal
Twilightning - Delirium Veil, Power Metal
Tygers of Pan Tang - Live in the Roar, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Tyr - Eric the Red, Power Metal


UDO - Nailed to Metal - The missing tracks, Heavy Metal
Unsilence - A walk through Oceans, Doom


V.A. - Music On Line Part 2, Hardrock
V.A. - Defenders of Metal, Power Metal
Valiance - The Unglorious Conspiracy, Power Metal
Veagaz - Gold, Rock
Velocity - Axia kai Dinami, Hardcore
Vertigo - Vertigo, Hardrock
VII Gates - Fire, walk with me, Powermetal
Virgin Black - Elegant... and dying, Epic Gothic
Vortex - Hammer of the North, Heavy Metal


WE - Lightyears ahead, Rock
Woods of Belial - Deimos XIII, Industrial Doom Metal


Zavorash - In Odium Veritas 1996 - 2002, Black Metal
Zyklon - Aeon, Black Metal

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