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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Underground". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:


66Crusher - Truth Unmasked, Prog Metal
7 Seals - Mooncurse, Epic Power Metal
7thorns - Artificial Night, Melodic Metal


A New Dawn - The wisdom of hindsight, Gothic Metal
Abaddon - De occulta philosophia, Symphonic Black Metal
Abandon Hope - The Endless Ride, Heavy Metal
Abandoned - Forcefed, Thrash
Abandoned - Misanthrope, Thrash Metal
Accid Reign - Awaken, Melodic Metal
Acero - Pasado y presente, True Metal
Acoustic Torment - Schwarzwald, Death/Black Metal
Adrift - Sulphur seas, Black Metal
Ae:nera - Anima Nera, Metalcore
Aebsence - Unusual, Rock
Agoraphobia - Sick, Thrash Metal
Akrival - Enigmas Of The Contradictory Nature, Black Metal
Alaska Fire - Enlighten the black, Power Metal
Alaska Fire - Falling Fire, Power Metal
Alsion - A kingdom beyond..., Power Metal
Amatris - Before the final Journey, Gothic Metal
Ametropie - Bei Sturm und Mondenschein, Gothic Black Metal
Amok Vedar - Seelenfriede, Black Metal
Amplifire - Cannon Fodder, Power Metal
Ancient Prophecy - Days of Doom, White Metal
Angelcrypt - From Abyss to Glory, Power Metal
Anger - Out of here, Heavy Rock
Anger - The Fourth Coming, Thrash / Power Metal
Anima Naive - Promo 2005, Gothic Metal
Antifreeze - Into the Silence, Progressive Melodic Metal
Antrum Nequam - Wasted Money, Rock / Metal
Apokatastasia - Shedding, Progressive Metal
Arbor Ira - Und krankt mein Selbst vor Leidenschaft, Psycho/Sludge Doom
Armory - The dawn of enlightenment, Power Metal
Ars Amatoria - The Symphonic Rock Opera, Folk Metal
Ars Irae - Ignis Fatuus, Pagan Black Metal
Ars Irae - Verwelkt, Melodic Black/Death Metal
Ars Moriendi - Your Soul On Our Screen, Thrash/Death Metal
Art of Fear - Art of Fear, Thrash Metal
Art of Fear - Kill the Demon, Power Metal
Art of Fear - Pride of creation, Power Metal
Art of Violence - Shadows of the Past, Melodic Death Metal
Arvinger - Helgards Fall, Black Metal
Asgaia - In Carni Veritas, Gothic-Wave
Ashton! - Stop silencing yourself, Rock
Ashura - At the Dawn of your Deterioration, Death Metal
Aspire - Quest eternal, Power Metal
Assedium - Far from the light, Epic Metal
Assignment - Progressive Changes, Prog Metal
Astral Kingdom - Power Metal through the universe, Power Metal
Astral Kingdom - Into the fire, Power Metal
Atargatis - Accurst from the deep, Gothic Metal
Atargatis - Divine Awakening, Gothic Metal
Aterial - War Machinery, Heavy Metal
Aterial - Bodyshaker, Hard Rock
Atlantean Kodex - The Pnakotic Demos, Epic Metal
Atras Cineris - Blut (Demo), Black Metal
AttaX - Fact of Reality, Power Metal
Audiogen - Raumhaft, Deutschrock
Azrael - Libre, Melodic Metal
Azrael's Seed - Midnight Sun, Gothic Metal


B.G.T. - The inner Death, Death Metal
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The great Apostasy, Rock
Banished Reality - Realitivität, Death Metal
Bartholomeus Night - Theosophia Pneumatica, Black Metal
Basement - Circle of Pain, Progressive Melodic Metal
Bastard Nation - Born a Bastard, Heavy Metal
Bastard Nation - Promo 2007, Heavy Metal
Battlerage - Metal Slaughter, True Metal
Bay Leaf - The Son of the Sun, Power Metal
Bedesdom - The Dark Origins, Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Betrayer - The Human Dependance, Power Metal
Beyond Therapy - Demo 2001 / 2002, Thrashcore
Bitterness - Dawn of golden blood, Thrash Metal
Bitterness - Sweet suicide solutions, Thrash Metal
Bitterness - Marching towards infinity, Melodic Death Metal
Bizzarred - Judge, grooviger Thrash Metal
Black Dust - Days of Devotion, Power Metal
Black Moria - Enslaved, Melodic Power / Thrash Metal
Black Moria - Interpersonal Terror, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Black Raven - The Day of the Raven, Heavy Metal
Blazing Guns - I'll never (give up my leather), Heavy Metal
Blizzard - The fortress, Heavy/Thrash Metal
Bloden Wedd - Eye of Horus, Power Metal
Blood Red Angel - Promo 2005, Thrash Metal
Bloodrain - De Vermis Mysteriis, Black Metal
Bloody Maria - Before the Storm, Thrash / Death Metal
Blutmond - ...of sorrow, pain and anger, Death Metal
Body22 - Time, Metal
Bodybag - Raise, Death Metal
Bodybag - Mindplayer, Death Metal
Bomb Scare Crew - Reign Of The Sharks, Modern Trash Metal
BonerBitch - Score baby, Rock
Bong Baby Go Sub - Human Ignorance, New Rock-Dub-Core Metal?
Boomerang - Weaveworld, Power Metal
Boomerang - Balance of Hate, True Metal
Bösedeath - ...of death, Death Metal
Braindeadz - Open up wide we're coming inside, Thrash
Braindeadz - Dr. Pain's Medicine, Thrash Metal
Broken Torso - The Ultimate Abhorrence, Brutal Death Metal
Brutal Hand - Brutal Hand, Heavy Metal
Bugenhagen - Expulsion, Thrash
Burnin' Dolls - Promo 2006, Rock
Bütcher - Speed Metal Attakk, Speed Metal
By Brute Force - By Brute Force, Death Metal
Byblis - Promo, Atmospheric Death Metal


CAD - CTRL-ALT-DEL, Nu-Rock / Elektro
Caedes - Promo 2004, Metalcore
Camorristas - Unexpected Humanity... In the Year of zero Toleran, Thrash / Heavy / Pagan Metal
Camp Jason - Welcome to Camp Jason, Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Candela - Reflect, Progressive Power Metal
Canis Luna - Lux Aeturnum Preview, Gothic Metal
Captain Duff - Herbipolitan nightmare, Rotzrock
Cardinal Sin - Ressurection, Thrash Metal
Carpediem - The paralysed years, Progressive Metal
Cast Away - Promo 2004, Heavy Metal
Cast Away - Cast Away, Heavy Metal
Castaway - Over the Drowning Water, Power Metal
Celestial O'euvre - Second Chance, Progressive Rock
Changer - Breed the lies, Death Metal
Chaosfear - One Step behind Anger, Thrash Metal
Chaossphere - Mankind?s heritage, Thrash Metal
Chaosweaver - Cult of the buried serpent, Dark Metal
Chapel Desecrator - Wrecking your church, Thrash Punk
Chapel Desecrator - Out to Get You, Thrash Metal
Chapter Seven - Metamorphosis, Progressive Power Metal
Chief Rebel Angel - Demo 2005, Rotzrock
Chimaera - Myths and Legends, Power Metal
Chosen - Fragment (Pieces I-III), Dark Metal
Circle of Silence - Your Own Story, Dark Metal
Circle of Tyrants - The Art of Intensity, Power Metal
Clonecircle - Prototype, Gothic / Industrial Rock
Cloon - Cloon, Rock
Cloudburst - Welcome, Heavy Metal
ClusterheaD - Hole in my heart (EP), Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Cockroach - Broken, Nu Metal
Code Red - The Art of Trinity (Promo), Thrash Metal
Common Grave - Dehumanized, Death Metal
Complex 7 - Process, Progressive Metal
Complex Range - The madness behind, Progressive Thrash
Concept Insomnia - Ordinary Mirror, Metal
Concept Insomnia - Concept Insomnia, Progressive Metal
Concept of an Enemy - The Worst Is Yet To Come...., Midtempo Death Metal
Conjuring - Cure me, Neo Power Metal
Conspirator - Second Conspiracy, Thrash
Cor Scorpii - Attergangar, Melodic Black Metal
Coreopsis - Coreopsis, Modern Rock
Corrosive Mind - Corrosive, Old School Speed Thrash
Creech - Take it all, Rock
Cresent - Cresent, Power Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson Warfare, Thrash Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson Slaughter, Thrash Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson warhead, Thrash Metal
Cripper - Killer Escort Service, Thrash Metal
Cripper - Freak Inside, Thrash Metal
Cristal - Here we are, Melodic / True Metal
Critical State - Poet of the lost Dreams, Power Metal
Cross X - Emolution, Modern Metal / Hardcore
Crossfire - Decisions of hate, Thrash Metal
Crusher - Jackpot, Thrash Metal
Cryonic Temple - In thy Power, Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Crystal Dragon - Crystal Dragon, Power Metal
Cuatro X - The last Days, Melodic Thrash Metal


Daedalus - Leading far from a Mistake, Progressive Metal
Damien Thorne - Wrath of Darkness, US Metal
Damien Thorne - Haunted Mind, US Metal
Danger - Keep out, Heavy Metal
Dangerous Breed - Dangerous Breed (EP), Hardrock
Dark Mass - Dark Mass Medium, Progressive Metal
Dark Nightmare - The Blood Land, Epic Metal
Dark Rain - No Compromises, Heavy Metal
Dark Wire - Lost, Dark Metal
Darken - Darken, Power Metal/Gothic
Dawn Of Destruction - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Technischer Death Metal
Dawnsight - A red Sun rising, Heavy Metal
Days of Grace - Painter, Nu Metal
De / Test - Hate Kills, Thrash
De/Test - Language of Violence, Neo Thrash
Dead Memories - Between hate and harmony, Melodic Death Metal
Dead Memories - Drowning, Melodic Death Metal
Deadborn - Decades of Decapitation, Death Metal
Deadnight Warrior - Forgive them for they know not what they do, Heavy Metal
Death Heaven - Techno Decomposition World, Death Metal
Death Mechanism - Necrotechnology, Thrash Metal
Decapitation - Path of death, Melodic Death Metal
Decline - Against all, Black/Thrash Metal
Decomposed Cranium - Death Roulette, Grindcore
Deepwater - Into the Haze, Rock
Deepwater - Floods, Heavy Rock
Dein Schatten - Das ewige Eis, Dark Wave / NDH
Delirium Tremens - Thrashing Warthogs, Death/Thrash Metal
Delirium X Tremens - CyberHuman, Death Metal
Delta - Apollyon is free, Melodic Metal
Depredation - Megaton scythe, Thrash
Depredation - Ruhrpottmetal, Thrash Metal
Desert Rain - Sold down the River, Heavy Metal
Desert Rain - Affinity, Power Metal
Desert Sun - American Sound Normal, Stoner Rock
Desilence - Promo, Thrash Metal
Desilence - Antisilent, Thrash Metal
Desire - Locus Horrendus (The Nightcries of a sullen Soul...), Doom / Black Metal
Desolation - Under pitch-black Skies, Metal
Desperation - The first battle, Heavy Metal
Destination's Calling - Invisible Walls, Power Metal
Detonator - Demo, Thrash
Devanic - Mask Installed, Melodic Death Metal
Dimentorium - Seed of Vengeance, Epic Melodic Black Metal
Dirty Shirt - Different / Revolution, Alternative / Electro Metal
Disrupted - C.D.P., Death/Thrash Metal
Distrust - Nevalim, Gothic Black Metal
Divinus - Nine ways to Rome, Progressive Power Metal
Dod Aernst - Where The Last Laughter Died, Death Metal
Dogday Afternoon - Dandelion Wine And Vegetarian Meat, Rock'n'Roll
Dogs on Lead - Play it loud, Hard Rock
Downfall A.D. - Unholy, Heavy Metal
Dragonsfire - Burning for Metal, Heavy Metal
Dreadful Minds - Lost My Heart, Melodic Prog Metal
Driven - Crush, harter Rock
Drone - Octane, Hardcore / Thrash
Dryad´s Tree - Comfort In Silence, Progressiv melodischer Death/Thrash/Metal/Depri-Rock
Dust - High Density Amplitude, Sludge / Stoner Doom
Dvergir - As you deserve, Pagan/Black Metal


Eat the Gun - Kingsize, Hard Rock
Edgecrusher - Deeper than Hate, Melodic Thrash
Ehwass - Demo, Black Metal
Ellen Says No - Demo, Pop Rock
Elmsfire - Horizons, Thrash/Heavy Metal
Elohim - Still dreaming..., Neo Klassik / Psychedelic Rock / Dark Metal
Elvenpath - 2002, Power Metal
Enchained Souls - Symphonic Poems, Dark Metal
Encounter - ...until Spirits rise to Life, Power Metal
Encryption - Perishing Black Light, Power Thrash
Endhammer - Hamburg, Rock / Hardcore
Enemy of Thought - Enemy of Thought, Metal / Hard Rock
Enertia - Demo 2003, Power Metal
Entera - Believe, Fight or Die, PowerThrash
Entwerter - ...und das ist erst der Anfang, Metalcore / Thrash
Epicedium - Conspiracy with the death, Death / Grind
Epicedium - Immense Affliction, Death Metal
ESB / The Fantastikol Hole - Split Album, Noisecore / Grindcore
Escalationunit Chaos Engine - The Worlds last Days, Neo Thrash
Eternal Grieve - Mourning, Gothic
Eternal Pain - In Pain we trust / Relicts for Revenge, Thrash / Death Metal
Eternia - Eternia, Power Metal
ETHAND - Tired, Gothic Rock
Eusophobia - Death from above, Death Metal
Eventide - Down for Regrief, Modern Melodic Metal
Everfest - Desire, Progressive Metal
Everfest - Demo 2004, Progressive Metal
Evil Bards - Through the mask of solitude, Black/Gothic
Evil Never Dies - To The Bones, Moderner Brutalo-Thrash
Evile - Promo CD, Post-Thrash
Ex Inferis - Defunctus in Heresi, Death Metal
Exotherm - Project 47, Power Metal
Exotoxin - Silhouettes of Death, Progressive Power/Thrash/Death
Exotoxin - Dance of the Elements, Progressive Thrash
Expretus - Promo 2004, Industrial Metal
Exsecrator - Vehemence of Human Displeasure, Brutal Death Metal
Exterminator - Slay your Kind, Thrash Metal
Eyeconoclast - Clustered dead ending Corridors, Thrash/Death Metal


Faceless - The Fith Syndrome, Nu Metal
Faith Industrius - The Unborn, Thrash / New Metal
Fallen Saints - Source of Decease, Melodic Death Metal
Fallen Yggdrasil - Prospect of Prey (Promo EP), Death Metal
Fallout Inside - Fallout Inside, Alternative Metal
Festering Flesh - Root, Melodischer Death / Thrash
Feu Gregeois - Francorum regnum hierolosymorum, Epic Metal
Fierce - Unfolded, Heavy Metal
Final Aphorism - Past And Future Concentrate, Melodic Death Metal
Final Cry - Neptune`s Relief, Power Metal
Firesign - Capture the moment, Hard Rock
Force Majeure - Gatecrusher, Power Metal
Forces at Work - Coldheart Canyon, Prog Thrash
Forlorn Suffering - Black Incisions (EP), Dark Metal
Fountain of Tears - Fate, Pop
Fraise - Hellicornia, Power Metal
Francis Soto´s Metalapolis - Metalapolis - Part 1, Hard Rock
Freund Hein - Chaos Immanent, Prog-Jazz-Psycho-Thrash
Futile - Futile EP, Progressive Metal
Future is Tomorrow - The New Messiah, Heavy Metal


G(e)nom - Not my Enemy, Hardrock
Gamblin' Crew - Masters of Love, Poser Rock
Gamblin' Crew - Lovehounds (from Hell!!!), Poser Rock
Gauntlet - Path of Nails,
Gezeiten - Promo 2003, Elektronischer Gothic Metal
Goregast - Terrassen am See, Death / Grind
Goregast - Vival El Animal, Death Metal
Graaf - Frozen, Progressive Metal
Grantig - So muss es sein, Metal
Grausamkeit - Nostalgia - Okkultes Blut, Black Metal
Grimlord - Blood runneth over, Heavy Metal
Grom'Otoric - No Change without Revolution, Thrash Metal / Rock
Groovycide - The you and whose Army EP, Rock
Ground Zero System - newropa, Moderner Elektro-Thrash
Gudgen - Exmorta / Demo, Neo Thrash
Guillotine - Demo, Möchtegern True Meal


H.A.L. - Feardom, Metalcore / Thrash
Hagal - Sterbender Traum, Pagan / Black Metal
Hämatom - Nein, Nu Metal
Han Jin Oakland - I will kill you, Power Metal
Han Jin Oakland - It's just a fucking demo, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Hängerband - Konsequent Erfolglos, Punk´n´Roll
Haruc - Nastrand (EP), Pagan Metal / Black Metal
Hatecrow - Rise, Thrash Metal
Hatred Divine - Of light and absence of light, Black Metal
Headon - Demons of War, Power Metal
Heartscore - Sculptures, Rock
Heathen - Recovered, Heavy / Thrash Metal
Heavenfall - When darkness fall, Progressive Power Metal
Heiligs Blechle - Black Steel, True Metal
Helangar - Evening in Valhalla, Epic Metal
Helangar - Schlafes Bruder, Dark Metal/Gothic/Klassik
Helfahrt - Aufbruch, Raw Pagan Metal
Hellmasters - I would kill for Rock 'n' Roll, Thrash'n'Roll
Hellnight - Murder Entertainment (Demo), Dark Metal / Horror Punk
Hellwrath - Anger Words, Melodic Death Metal
Heresy - Warfare Of Minds, Death Metal
Heretic?s Fork - Neanderthal ballet, Stoner Rock
Holy Martyr - Hatred and Warlust, True Metal
Holy Martyr - Hail to Hellas, Epic Metal
Home before Dark - Home before Dark, Rock
Human End - Break the Chains, Punk / Grindcore
Human Paranoid - Demo 2003, Thrash Metal
Human Paranoid - Pathogenes of War, Thrash Metal
Human Paranoid - Breed of Cain, Thrash Metal
Human Pesticide - Mutilated in a Bathtub, Grindcore
Hyades - No bullshit...just Metal! & Hyades, Power Metal


Ictus Mortis - Schlachtmusik, Gothic/Death Metal
Ignitor - Take to the Sky, True Metal
Ill Sanity - From down below, Melodic Death Metal
Ill-Fated - Lost Forever, Deah Metal
Ill-Fated - Last Decision, Death Metal
Illuminatus - Aborted Revolutions EP, Dark Rock
Illuminatus - The Wrath of the Lambs, Dark Rock
In Blackest Velvet - InSuisight, Melodic Death Metal
In Exile - Hours passed in Exile, Melodic Heavy Metal
In Memoriam - Through the Tides, Black/Death Metal
In Mute Nostril Agony - Head First, Hardcore
Inamabilis - Dark Scenario, Melodic Black/Thrash Metal
Infektus - Devastation, Death Metal
Infernal Angels - Dominus Silentii, Black Metal
Infinite Horizon - Beyond Infinity, Melodic Metal
Infinite Horizon - Mind Passages, Power Metal
Inishmore - Three Colours Black, Melodic Power Metal
Insidia - Sands of Time, Hardrock
Ira Tenax - Trapped, Death / Thrash Metal
Irony - Release the Beast, Power Metal
It Will Come - 47/Bound, Doom Metal
Ivory Night - 7 - Dawn of the Night, Power Metal


Jackhammer - The ultimate Martyr, Thrash Metal
Jacopo Galli - Timedrops, Progressive Rock / Metal
Jahresringe - Der Dunkelheit Beraubt, Naturmystischer Blackmetal
Jaked off Shorts and loaded Heads - House of the rising gun, Industrial Weirdo-Core
JVP - Emotion, Melodic Rock


Kaminari - Kaminari, Melodic Metal
Katanga - Darkchild, Gothic / Wave Rock
Kathaarsys - Portrait of Wind and Sorrow, Black Metal
Katharsis - Kaleidoscope, Progressive Darkmetal
Kestmorg - Infective vultures receptacle, Gothic Black Metal
Kick:Down - End of the Line, Crossover
Killflex - Profits and Breakdowns, Metalcore / Nu-Metal
Killing Creed - Menticide, Metalcore
King Goblin - Demo 2003, Stoner Rock
King Goblin - Demo 2004, Psychedelic Doom Metal
King Leoric - Piece of past, True Metal
King Leoric - Thunderforce, Epic Heavy Metal
Kingcrow - Insider, Progressive Metal
Kingdom Of Salvation - Lost In Chaos, Melodischer Death/Thrash
Knights of Tethys - Salacia, True Metal
Knockturn Alley - The Dream is dead, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Knowhere - The Mascot, Black Metal
Knyght - Destination unknown, Rock/Hardrock
Kokroch - Come inside us, Industrial Metal
Krepuskule - Demo 2006, Gothic Metal


L'Estard - Baptized In Blood, Death Metal
Lady Bloody Mary - [postmodern_pessimism_creation.], Industrial Rock
Lady Morphia - Essence and Infinity, Orchestraler Folk
Lakehurst - Miracles, Hard Rock
Last Prophecy - Destination Unknown, Heavy Metal
Latrodectus - In Unisono + Storm in Mind, Heavy Metal
Legacy - Stand and Conquer, US Metal / Power Metal
Legal Crime - Enfiled EP, Progressive Metal
Legion - Shadow of the king, Heavy Metal
Livid Halcyon - Real Supremacy, Rock / Metal
Logar's Diary - Book I: Iostros, Power Metal
Loonataraxis - GlobaLies, Hardcore / Crossover
Lords Of Decadence - Bound to Fall, Death / Thrash Metal
Loss - No Sanity left, Death Metal
Lost at Last - Heavy Metal 6-Pack, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lost At Last - In Darkness, Heavy Rock
Lost Chapter - Visions to infinity, Heavy Metal
Lost Divison - Kings Don't Fall, Melodic Death / Metalcore
Lost Dreams - Where Gods Creation Ends, Melodic Death Metal
Lost Innocence - The Man who loves Zymoticence, Prog Metal
Love Dictator - Love Dictator, Hardrock
Lunarsea - EvolutionPlan.txt, Melodic Death Metal
Lunarsea - Bio Ashes Halo, Melodic Death Metal
Lurid Trace - Final Progression, Old School Thrash Metal
Lyfthrasyr - The final Resurrection, Melodic Black Metal
Lyfthrasyr - The recent foresight, moderner Black Metal
Lymphatic Glands - dto., Midtempo-Thrash


Macbeth (D) - Macbeth, Metal
Machete - Machete, Metalcore
Machete - Antithese, Metal / Hardcore
Made of Iron - King of all Kings, True Metal
Malmzeit - Kiribati, Rock / Metal
Martiria - The Eternal Soul, Epic Melodic Metal
Mass Murder Machine - Receive your Death, Thrash Metal
Matze Wurm - Truth is stranger than Fiction, Rock
Mechanix - History Re-Rotten, Thrash Metal
MegaBite - Promo, Industrial Rock
Melancholic Seasons - In my eyes, Thrash
Melodic Meltdown - The Missing Link, Adult Orientated Rock
Menac - Demo, Groove Core
Mercury Rain - St. Matthieu, Symphonic Dark Metal
MessengeR - Feel the fire, Melodic Metal
Metal Jam - The Prayer, Progressive Metal
Metamorphosis - Nocturnal Rhymes, Dark Metal
Metamorphosis - Gnosis Diabolo, Black Metal
Metharia - Promo 2003, Rock
Midgard - Born from Ashes, Dark Melodic Metal
Midgard.upgraded - Dismembered, Moderner Death / Power Metal
Midnight Idöls - We rule the Night, Rock'n'Roll
Might Of Lilith - Dawn Of The End, Symphonic Death-/Blackmetal
Misleading Ways - ....was ist das Leben?, Gothic Metal
Mithril - Dare the Heavens, Heavy / Death / Thrash Metal
Moment After Scarlet - Light Paradise, Gothic Metal
Mor Zaboth - Towards The Darkest Dawn, Melodic Black Metal
Morbius - Morbivs, Death / Thrash Metal
Morbus Down - Stumm, Thrash-Punk
Mordorn - Blood against Gold, Gothic / Black Metal
Morgue - First Blood / From the Past there comes the Death, Black / Death Metal
Morphosys - Der Blutmond, Death / Thrash / Black Metal
Morphyn - Vollkontakt, Metalcore
Mors in Tabula - Promo CD 2004, Industrial Metal
Mort - Demo 2004, Hardcore
Mortal Illusion - Mind controlled, Heavy Metal
Mortal Illusion - Voices, Heavy / Progressive Metal
Mortal Illusion - Facing the Noumenon, Heavy Metal
Mortal Remains - Full Speed ahead, Thrash Metal
Mortimer - Demo, Rock / Thrash Metal
My Cold Embrace - Katharsis, Death Metal
Mystic Messiah - Demolution Songs, Thrash Metal


Nadir - Tenacity, Modern Death Metal
Necroid - Natural Disharmonies, Thrash / Death Metal
Necrorgasm - No Hope left, Doomcore/Sludge Doom
Nekropolis - The Perversion of Humanity, Moderner Black Metal
Neocosmic - New Cosmic Order, Future Cosmic Metal
Never Comes Silence - One Second Eternity, Atmospheric Metal
New Eden - Stagnant Progression, Progressive/Power Metal
No Sissy Stuff - Last Poem, Progressive Thrash
No Spoon - Break the Silence, Rock
Nocta - Come out wherever you are!, Heavy Rock
Nordavind - Ukjend Land, Black/Folkmetal
Novembers Fall - Broken Memories, Melodic Death Metal
Novembers Fall - Mythaeon, Progressive Dark Metal
Novon - Metal Warriors, True Metal
NRG - The new disorder, Power/Thrash
Nuclear Warfare - War is Unleashed, Thrash Metal
Nuclear Warfare - We come in Peace, Thrash


Obscene Gesture - Demo 2006, Hardcore
Obstinacy - Demolition, Death Metal
Occurrence - Winter of Souls, Melodic Metal
Odium - Just a Crisis, Thrash Metal
Of Infinity - The Essence of Infinity, Melodic Metal
Ohm - Fixing the shadows, Hardrock / Metal
One Bullet Left - Invisible Fleshwounds, Metalcore
One Step Closer - ...to Infinity, Rock
Opalessence - Future memorabilia, Gothic Metal
Ophidian - Suffering / dreaming, Progressive Gothic Metal
Orden Ogan - Testimonium A.D., Epic Folk Metal
Osyris - A Lesson in Senselessness, Power Metal
Overstolz - The Mirror of Disease, Death Metal


P.O.R.N.Cops - Highway 2 porn, Punk'n'Roll
Palace - Machine Evolution, Power Metal
Paniczone - Rise of the Damned, Old School Death/Thrash
Paranoiz - Silent River, Death/Thrash
Paranoiz - Mindchasm, Old School Death Thrash
Paria Voce - Yearn For Distance EP, Psycho-Core
Patatje Metal - Lik de Lolly, Metal
Patatje Metal - Lik de Ballen, Heavy Metal
Path of Golconda - Destination: Downfall, Black / Death / Thrash Metal
Path of Golconda - The Treshold Diaries, Death / Thrash Metal
Pegasus - ?Fantasy, Black Power Metal
Pegasus - The epic quest, Black Power Metal
Pentagory - Being True...?, Heavy Metal
Persecution - Mental Chaos, Gothic Death Metal
Perverse - Sick Tunes, Death Metal
Pigskin - Epidemic, Metalcore
Pigskin - Exposed to threat, Thrash Metal
Pissmark - Amok, Deathcore
Portrait - Black Hole of Doom, Heavy Metal
Possession - Storm of hateness, Death Metal
Postnuclear Deathmass - Generation Doom, Thrash / Death Metal
Power - Hate Explosion, Thrash Metal
Power - Thrashblitz, Thrash Metal
Powervice - Behold the Hand of Glory, True Metal
Premacy - Ragile Lives, Rock
Prometheus - Beneath an Alien Sky, Gothic / Power Metal
Pronther - 3 K vorm H, NDH
Publex - Cryptic Noise, Thrash Metal
Pussy Sisster - Hot like Hell, Sleaze / Hardrock
Pyrolyse - First cut, Power Metal
Python - Good & Evil, Thrash Metal


Ra?s Dawn - Unveiling the grotesque, Progressive Power Metal
Raa-Hoor-Khuit - Passage Through Sephiors, Black Metal
Raised Banner - A mad man's Prophecy, Power Metal
Raised Banner - Cast in Nowhere, Heavy Metal
Rapaport, Greg - Homunculus, Instrumental
Raptor - Human fates, Hardrock
Raskolnikow - No Skills, Rock
Ravage - Get fucking slaughtered, Old School Thrash Metal
Ravage Fields - First Demolition, NWOBHM/Power Metal
Raw - Raw, Thrash Metal
Reaper - Elements, Power Metal
Reaper - Victory V, Heavy Metal
Requital - They shall die, Thrash Metal
Respawn - Nature's foul Child, Heavy / Thrash Metal
Respawn Inc. - Stone cold world, Groove Metal/Thrashcore
Rhetorica - Ganduri (Thoughts), Progressive Rock
Ricardo Primata - Visões, Experimenteller Instrumental-Rock
Rich Wilde - Demo, Power Metal
Ricochet - Zarah - A Teartown Story, Prog Metal
Rivethead - Rivethead, Industrial Metal
Rogue - Rogue Part 1, Modern-Rock
Rushmoon - Blood, Tears, Love and Hate, Metal


Sacrament - The dynasty of diabolism, Black Metal
Sad Reality - Seek for Justice, Heavy Metal
Sad Reality - Craving, Heavy Metal
Sagitta - Bad Things, Melodic Power Metal
Saint - In the Battle, White Metal / Heavy Metal
Saintsbleed - Twisted truth, Melodic Metal
Sakramortem - pastdespairfuture, Dark Metal / Black Metal
Sardonic - Say 10, Death / Thrash Metal
Satans Penguins - Bloodlust of the Warpenguins, Jazz / Black Metal
Savallion Dawn - The Charge, Power Metal
Scala Mercalli - My Daemons, Speed Metal
Scarcross - Jahr der Katharsis, Dark / Black Metal
Scars - The nether Hell, Thrash / Death Metal
Schacht - Schachtplatte, Industrial Metal
Schierling - Vergiss Dein Gestern, Metalcore
Schistosoma - Mansoni, Death Metal
Schmerz - Totes Metall, Grindcore
Schmerz - Toter Vogel, Grindcore
Scorncore - Lower than Dirt, Thrash Metal
Screaming Shadows - Behind the Mask, Power Metal
Seduction - Winds of Valhalla, Melodic Metal
Sengaya - Metamorphosis, Prog Metal
Septer - Transgressor, True Metal
Septuagint - Meditation among Demons, Heavy Metal
Seven Stitches - While we don´t take over Death, Groove Thrash
Shadow Pointe - Situations, Progressive Rock / Metal
Shadow's Far - Lost in Contemplation, Thrash Metal
Shadow's Far - Eleven sins, Thrash/Melodic Death Metal
Shardless - Newday, Gothic Metal
Shargath - Bowel Sounds Of A Deaf Man, Nu Metal
Sheephead - Damned In Their Cells, Nicht definierbar
Sheephead - Stay brutal, Metalcore / Thrash
Shorts & Churchbells - The underworld, Thrash
Sick of Society - Life Lines, Rotzrock / Punk
Sick-U-R - MMIV, Heavy Metal
Sick-U-R - Zero hour, Heavy Metal
Side Winder - Mother Earth, Melodic Heavy / Power Metal
Silver Dirt - Sonic Boom, Sleaze Rock
Slapstix - Promo, Alternative / Punk
Slave to Misery - Technical Paradise, Heavy Metal
Slave Zero - The Pain Remits, Death Metal
Sniper - Seducer of human Souls, Thrash / Death Metal
So Farr - So Farr, Experimental New Rock
Solace of Requiem - Solace of Requiem, Death Metal
Soleilnoir - Nucleus, Alternative Metal
Sorrogate - Spinalonga, Powerthrash
Soul Takers - Through the Silence of Words, Symphonic Power Metal
Soulbender - Soulbender, Modern Rock
Soulgate - Soulgate, Progressive Death/Thrash
Soulgate - Scorn, Death/Dark/Progressive
Soulsgate - Delusion, Death Metal
Soulsgate - Inner Conflict, Death-/Thrash
Soulsick - Virus Life, Heavy Metal
Soulsick - Feeding the Sin Eater, Heavy Metal
Soulsteeler - In a glow of crimson red, Heavy/Power Metal
Special Guest - Atmosfear, Heavy Metal
Spectre Dragon - Beyond Creation, Thrash
Spellblast - Ray of Time, Power Metal
Stabitha - Breaking Mirrors Again, Dark Melodic Metal
Stairway - On Hallowed Ground, NWOBHM
Stairway - The other Side of Midnight, Heavy Metal
Stay Where The Pepper Grows - geese, slope and lindens, Thrash'n'Roll
Stay where the Pepper Grows - Who's God?, Thrash Metal
Stealth - Check This Out!, Hard Rock
Steel Cage - Obsidian, Melodischer Thrash
Steelpreacher - Route 666, Power Metal
Stigmatized - Promo, Death / Thrash Metal
Stillbirth - Trauma, Death / Thrash Metal
Storm - The sick Sense, Noise / Doom Rock
Stormental - Stormental, Power / Progressive Metal
Stormrider - Shipwrecked, True Metal
Stressseuche - Vous achetez?je mange, Grindcore
Suicide - Blood flows on, Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
Suicide - The world demise, Melodic Death Metal
Sundazefix - Demo, Alternative Rock
Synasthasia - Promo, Melodic Power Metal
Synchronic - v 1.0, Neo Thrash
Syzzy Roxx - Glamournizer, Hardrock


T.E.R. - Pictures from the War, Thrash Metal
Taaboo - V, Punkrock
Taaboo - 666 total evil, Heavy Metal
Tankred Best - Bashing the Strings (Demo 2005), Progressive Metal / Rock
Tankred Best - Destination Apocalypse, Heavy Metal / Instrumental
Tankred Best - Driven by chaos, Heavy Metal
Taste Of Blood - My Dragon, Göteborg Death Metal
Taste Of Doom - All Quiet On The West Front, Thrash Metal
Teaser - Gusts of Anger, Thrash Metal
Teaser - Impendence, T(h)rash Metal
Temptamentum - Disciples of the ashen Sun, Melodic Black Metal
Ten Rail Cell - Microman, Moderner Metal
Terra Obscura - The Machine Circle, Thrash- / Heavy Metal
Terrorspawn - Channeling the Quintessence of Death, Death / Thrash / Epic Doom
Terrortory - One Dead Morning, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Teutonic - Teutonic invasion, Heavy Metal
The Animatronic - linked to, Crossover
The Bonny Situation - Still another Day to come, Metal-Pop/New Metal
The Daredevils - Heavy Weight, Heavy Rock
The Dirt - Down N` Dirty, Hard Rock
The Fyredogs - Pumpin' Iron, Rock'n'Roll
The Guardian - Dragonland, Heavy Metal
The Mist - Cemetary Gates E.P., Heavy Metal
The No-Mads - Deranged Promo, Thrash Metal
The Past Alive - What You Need, Heavy Metal
The Pharao's - Open Fire, Rock'n'Roll
The Scourger - Hatehead, Thrash Metal
The Wörst - In the Light of the Sun, Heavy Metal
Thunder And Lightning - Written In Stone, Melodic Heavy Metal
Thunder Rider - Tales of Darkness & Light Part II, Epic Metal
Thy Wicked - Wenn Heimdalls Horn erklingt, Pagan Heavy Metal
TimeMage - Shadow Realm, Progressive Metal / Rock
TimeMage - Nightmares, Progressive Metal
TimeMage - Witchcraft, Progressive Metal
Titan Steele - Demo 2005, Power Metal
Torian - Into the winter, Power Metal
Torture - Winter, Melodic Death Metal
Torture - Eisenknecht, Medieval Heavy-/Thrash
Toughmen Cry - Demo, Rock
Toxic Inc. - Beginning at the End, Rock
Trapjaw - To die means to return, Thrash
Trapjaw - Devoured by the crawling Chaos, Thrash
Trapjaw - Virushuman, Thrash
Trashment - Deadly Silence, Midtempo Thrash
Troll - Troll, Heavy Metal/Stoner Rock
Twilight Odyssey - Twilight Odyssey, Power Metal
Typ 1 - Ich ist ein Anderer, Moderner Metal
Tyrant - Grimoires, Symphonischer Black Metal


Ufych Sormeer - The Whimsical have a dream, Neo-Prog
UGF - A reason to fight, Thrash
Unheil - Demo 2007, Death Metal
Unit 53 - Power & Presence, Heavy Metal
Unscared - Mosh Attack, Thrash Metal
Unsilence - Echoes Awaken (Demo), Doom Metal
Unsoul - Welcome to Annexia, Progressive Death Metal
Upon Shadows - Upon Shadows, Gothic Metal
Useless Concept - Somewhere else, Progressive Rock / Metal


V.A. - Gladiators of Metal Vol. 7 (2CD), vor allem Heavy Metal, Thrash, (Melodic) Death Metal
V.A. - Metal Message Vol. 1, Black/Pagan Metal
V.A. - Tamperkele, Heavy / Gothic / Folk / Death Metal
V.A. - Metal Message Vol. 2, Black / Pagan / Melodic Death Metal
Van Canto - A storm to come, Power Metal
Vanilla Rex - Shadows of Insanity, Progessive Metal
Vanilla Rex - Parallel Worlds, Progressive Metal
Vanish - Separated from Today, Power Metal
Various Artists - Metalmessage Vol. IV, Pagan Metal
Venatic - Evidence, (Post) Rock
Vicious Circle - This Forest's dark Heart, Melodic Black Metal
Viron - NWOGHM, Power Metal
Voodoma - Dimension V, Melodic Rock / Metal
Voodoma - Reign of Revolution, Power Metal


War Burg - Metal over Armageddon, True Metal
Warfred - Closed!, Power Metal
Wasteland - Torture Tactics - Mercy Killing, Thrash
William Red Rossi - Three, Pop/Rock
Windseeker - By the Seeds of the same God, Progressive Thrash
Winterfell - Winter is coming, Power Metal
Winterfell - The veil of summer, Progressive Power Metal
Winterthrone - The Burning Skies / Storms of Wrath EP, Black Metal
Wirksystem - Der Himmel brennt, Alternative / Nu Metal
Witchtower - Faster than Death, Death/Thrash
Wolfsmoon - Black Knight Legacy, Power/Thrash
Worldescape - Promo 2006, Melodic Death Metal
Wretched - Aspiring worldwide Domination, Rock
Wrong ID - Wrong ID, Thrash / New Metal
Wrongside - One Pound Underground, Hardcore


X-Bow - Warzone, Heavy Metal
Xenotaph - Facets of Mortality, Death Metal


Yarvis - The Minor Brigade, Thrash Metal


Zonaria - Rendered in Vain, Melodic Death Metal
Zulu - Guided living: Music for no one, ohne Kategorie

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