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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Classics". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:


Abattoir - Vicious Attack, Thrash Metal
AC/DC - Back in Black, Hard Rock
Accept - Restless and Wild, Heavy Metal
Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse, Speed Metal
Anathema - Alternative 4, Dark Rock
Angel Dust - Into the dark Past, Speed / Thrash Metal
Angel Witch - Angel Witch, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Annihilator - Alice in Hell, Thrash Metal
Anthrax - Fistful of Metal, Thrash Metal
Armagedda - Ond Spiritism / Djefvulens Skalder, Black Metal
Artillery - By Inheritance, Thrash Metal
Avantasia - The Metal Opera, Melodic Metal
Axel Rudi Pell - The Masquerade Ball, Melodic Metal


Bal-Sagoth - Starfire burning upon the ice-veiled throne of Ultima Thule, Epic Metal
Bathory - Hammerheart, Viking Metal
Betray My Secrets - Betray My Secrets, Ethno Metal
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell, Heavy Metal
Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the other Side, Power Metal
Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes, NWOBHM
Blue Öyster Cult - Fire of unknown Origin, Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Bolt Thrower - For Victory, Death Metal
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding, Heavy Metal


Candlemass - Nightfall, Doom Metal
Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead, Heavy Metal mit Doom-Einschlag
Clairvoyant - Fighter's Soul, Epic & Melodic Metal
Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast, Black Metal
Crimson Glory - Transcendence, Melodic Metal
Cryptopsy - None so vile, Death Metal


Dark Angel - Darkness Descends, Thrash Metal
Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery, Death Metal
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger, Black Metal
Death - The Sound of Perseverance, Death Metal
Death Angel - The Ultraviolence, Thrash Metal
Deep Purple - Made in Japan, Hard Rock
Demon - Taking the World by Storm, Heavy Metal
Diamond Head - Lightning to the Nations, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Dio - Holy Diver, Power Metal
Dissection - Storm of the light?s bane, Black Metal


Emperor - In the nightside eclipse, Black Metal
Empyrium - Songs of Moors and misty Fields, Dark Metal
Entombed - Clandestine, Death Metal
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac, Speed Metal
Exodus - Bonded by Blood, Thrash Metal


Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian, Prog Metal
Fields of the Nephilim - Elizium, Gothic Rock
Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver, Speed Metal
Forbidden - Forbidden Evil, Speed & Thrash Metal
Frostmoon Eclipse - Gathering The Dark, Black Metal


Gamma Ray - No World Order, Power Metal
Gargoyle - Gargoyle, Epic & Melodic Metal


Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror, Thrash Metal
Heathen - Breaking the Silence, Speed Metal
Heavy Load - Stronger than Evil, Heavy Metal
Helloween - Keeper of the seven Keys 1, Power Metal
Helstar - Remnants of War, Progressive Heavy Metal
Héroes del Silencio - Senderos de Traición, Rock


Iced Earth - Iced Earth, Power Metal
In Flames - Clayman, Melodic Death Metal
Inquisition - Into the Infernal Regions of the ancient Cult, Black Metal
Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast, New Wave of British Heavy Metal


Jack Frost - Elsewhere, Doom
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction, US Metal
Jaguar - Power Games, NWOBHM
Judas Priest - British Steel, Heavy Metal


King Diamond - Abigail, Heavy Metal
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill,


Lacrimas Profundere - Burning: A Wish, Gothic Metal
Leatherwolf - Leatherwolf, US Metal
Lethal - Programmed, Prog Metal
Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise, US Metal
Lizzy Borden - Love you to Pieces, Heavy Metal


Malice - In the Beginning, Heavy Metal
Manowar - Kings of Metal, Epic Metal
Manowar - Into Glory Ride, Heavy Metal
Mercyful Fate - Don't break the oath, Heavy Metal
Metal Church - Metal Church, Power Metal
Metallica - Ride the Lightning, Speed Metal
Mindrot - Dawning, Death / Doom
Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil, Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Motörhead - Ace of Spades, Rock'n'Roll
My dying Bride - The Angel and the dark River, Doom


Napalm Death - Scum, Grindcore
Nasty Savage - Nasty Savage, Heavy Metal
Nightwish - Wishmaster, Symphonic Metal


Obituary - Slowly we rot, Death Metal
Omen - Battle Cry, Heavy Metal
Opeth - Morningrise, Progressive Death Metal
Overkill - Feel the Fire, Power / Thrash Metal


Paradise Lost - Icon, Gothic Metal
Paradox - Collision Course, Speed / Thrash Metal
Possessed - Seven Churches, Death Metal


Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime, Prog Metal


Riot - Fire down Under, Heavy Metal
Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo, Rock'n'Roll
Running Wild - Black Hand Inn, Power Metal


S.O.D. - Speak English or die, Thrash Metal/Hardcore
Saint Vitus - Born too late, Doom
Satan - Court in the Act, Heavy Metal
Satan's Host - Metal from Hell, US Metal
Satyricon - Rebel extravaganza, Black Metal
Savage Grace - Master of Disguise, Speed Metal
Savatage - Streets, Power Metal
Saxon - Strong Arm of the Law, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Saxon - Wheels of Steel, NWOBHM
Scald - Will of the gods is great power, Epic Doom/Viking Metal
Scorpions - Love at first Sting, Heavy Metal
Scorpions - Fly to the Rainbow, 70er Rock
Sentenced - Down, Gothic Rock/Metal
Skylark - Divine gates part II: Gate of heaven, Melodic Metal
Slayer - Reign in Blood, Thrash Metal
Sodom - Agent Orange, Thrash Metal
Stormwitch - The Beauty and the Beast, Power Metal


Testament - The Legacy, Thrash Metal
Thin Lizzy - Thunder and Lightning, Heavy Metal
Tiamat - Wild Honey, Dark Metal
Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry, Heavy Metal


Unleashed - Shadows in the Deep, Death Metal


Venom - Black Metal, Black Metal


Warlord - And the Cannons of Destruction have begun, Epic Metal
Wild Dogs - Reign of Terror, Power Metal


Xentrix - For whose Advantage?, Thrash Metal

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