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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Alle". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:

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B-Stinged Butterfly - B-Stinged Butterfly, Alternative Metal
B-Stinged Butterfly - Monster in mir, Moderner Rock / Metal
B.G.T. - The inner Death, Death Metal
Baalphegor - Post Earthquake Age, Technical Death Metal
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The great Apostasy, Rock
Backyard Tire Fire - Bar Room Semantics, Folk / Country / Blues
Backyard Tire Fire - Vagabonds and Hooligans, Rock/Folk/Country
Bai Bang - Best of, Glam Rock
Bal-Sagoth - Starfire burning upon the ice-veiled throne of Ultima Thule, Epic Metal
Balance of Power - Heathen Machine, Melodic Metal
Baltak - Macedonian War, Black Metal
Banished Reality - Realitivität, Death Metal
Barastir - Battlehymns Of Hate, Black Metal
Barathrum - Anno Aspera, Doom / Thrash / Black Metal
Barclay James Harvest feat. Les Holroyd - On the Road (DVD), Progressive Rock
Bartholomeus Night - Theosophia Pneumatica, Black Metal
Basement - Circle of Pain, Progressive Melodic Metal
Bastard Nation - Born a Bastard, Heavy Metal
Bastard Nation - Promo 2007, Heavy Metal
Bathory - Hammerheart, Viking Metal
Bathtub Shitter - Dance Hall Grind, Grindcore
Battalion - Winter Campaign, Death Metal
Battered - Battered, Thrash Metal
Battle Brat - Battle Brat/The Anthology, Power/Speed Metal
Battlelore - Evernight, Gothic Metal
Battlerage - Metal Slaughter, True Metal
Battleroar - Age of Chaos, Epic Metal
Bay Leaf - The Son of the Sun, Power Metal
Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic - Part 1, Progressive Rock / Art Rock
Bedesdom - The Dark Origins, Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Beecher - This Elegy, His Autopsy, Hardcore / Noisecore / Technischer Metal
Before the Dawn - My Darkness, Dark Metal
Before the Dawn - Deadlight, Dark Metal / Melodic Death Metal
Beggar's Bride - Boulevard of broken Hearts, Pop
Behemoth - Demigod, Death Metal
Behemoth - The Apostasy, Death Metal
Beherit - The Oath of Black Blood, Black Metal
Behind the Scenery - Retroviseur, Melodic Death Metal
Beholder - Lethal Injection, Power Metal
Bejelit - Hellgate, Power Metal
Belenos - Chants De Bataille, Pagan/Black Metal
Belphegor - Infernal live orgasm, Black / Death
Ben Jackson Group - All over You, Hardrock
Benea Reach - Monument Bineothan, Progressiv metallischer Planierraupen-Rock
Benighted - Identisick, Brutal Death Metal
Bethlehem - Mein Weg, Avantgarde Metal
Betray My Secrets - Betray My Secrets, Ethno Metal
Betrayer - The Human Dependance, Power Metal
Bewitched - Spiritual Warfare, Black Thrashing Metal
Beyon-d-lusion - Intuispection, Metal
Beyond Fallen - Mindfire, Power Metal
Beyond Fear - Beyond Fear, Power Metal
Beyond the Embrace - Insect Song, Melodic Death / Neo Thrash
Beyond the Flesh - What the Mind perceives, Thrash / Death Metal
Beyond The Sixth Seal - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough, Death Rock
Beyond Therapy - Demo 2001 / 2002, Thrashcore
Beyond-d-lusion - First Step to the Source, Gothic Metal
Bible of the Devil - The Diabolic Procession, True Metal
Bible of the Devil - Brutality Majesty Eternity, Rock'n'Roll
Birdflesh - Mongo Musicale, Grindcore
Bishop Of Hexen - The Nightmarish Compositions, Symphonic Blackmetal
Biss - Face - Off, Hardrock
Biss - X-Tension, Melodic-Hardrock
Bitterness - Dawn of golden blood, Thrash Metal
Bitterness - Sweet suicide solutions, Thrash Metal
Bitterness - Marching towards infinity, Melodic Death Metal
Bitterness - Autumn?s fall, Melodic Death Metal
Bizzarred - Judge, grooviger Thrash Metal
Black Abyss - Angels wear black, Power Metal
Black Altar - Black Altar, Black Metal
Black Cobra - Bestial, Sludge Doom / Hardcore / Noise Rock
Black Crucifixion - Faustian dream, Dark Metal
Black Crucifixion - Promethean Gift, Black Metal
Black Dust - Days of Devotion, Power Metal
Black Friday '29 - The Escape, Hardcore
Black Majesty - Silent Company, Power Metal
Black Messiah - Of Myths and Legends, Pagan Metal
Black Moria - Enslaved, Melodic Power / Thrash Metal
Black Moria - Interpersonal Terror, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Black Rain - Black Rain, Heavy Metal
Black Raven - The Day of the Raven, Heavy Metal
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell, Heavy Metal
Black Steel - Destructor, Heavy Metal
Black Steel - Hellhammer, Power Metal
Black Sun - Tyrant from a foreign land, Power Metal
Blackdust - Days of Devotion, Heavy Metal
Blakagir - Carpathian Art of Sin, Dark Ambient / Folk / Neoklassik
Blake - Starbringer, Rock
Blazing Guns - I'll never (give up my leather), Heavy Metal
Bleeding Through - This is Love, this is murderous, Metalcore
Blind Alley - Infinity Ends, AOR
Blind Ego - Mirror, Progressive Rock
Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the other Side, Power Metal
Blind Guardian - Bards Song - Single, Power Metal
Blind Guardian - LIVE, Power Metal
Blind Guardian - The Remasters, Epic Metal
Blind Stare - Symphony of Delusions, Melodic Death Metal
Blinded Colony - Divine, Melodic Death Metal
Blindside Blues Band - Long Hard Road, Blues Rock
Blissed - Corrosive, Rock
Blitzkrieg - Absolute Power, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Blitzkrieg - A Time of Changes, NWOBHM
Blitzkrieg - Sins and Greed, Heavy Metal
Blitzkrieg - Theatre of the Damned, NWOBHM
Blizzard - The fortress, Heavy/Thrash Metal
Bloden Wedd - Eye of Horus, Power Metal
Blodsrit - Helveteshymner, Black Metal
Blood Red Angel - Promo 2005, Thrash Metal
Blood Thirsty Demons - Let the War begin, Speed / Doom Metal
Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal, Old School Thrash Metal
Bloodbound - Nosferatu, Melodic Metal
Bloodbound - Book of the dead, Melodic Metal
Bloodchurn - Ravenous Consumption, Brutal Death Metal
Bloodpit - Mental Circus, Alternative Rock
Bloodrain - De Vermis Mysteriis, Black Metal
Bloodstained - Greetings from Hell, Heavy Metal
Bloodthorn - Genocide, Death- / Blackmetal
Bloody Blasphemy - Black Spells, Black Metal
Bloody Blasphemy - Black Spells, Black Metal
Bloody Gore - Stench of your perversions, Death Metal
Bloody Maria - Before the Storm, Thrash / Death Metal
Bludgeon - Crucified LIVE (CD + DVD), Death Metal
Blue Öyster Cult - Fire of unknown Origin, Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Blue Tears - The Innocent Ones, Rock
Blut aus Nord - MoRT, Industrial Black Metal
Blutch - Materia, Psychedelic Doom / Noisecore
Blutmond - ...of sorrow, pain and anger, Death Metal
Bob Catley - When Empires Burn, Hardrock
Bob Katsionis - Imaginary Force, Melodic Speed Metal/Progressive
Body22 - Time, Metal
Bodybag - Raise, Death Metal
Bodybag - Mindplayer, Death Metal
Bolt Thrower - For Victory, Death Metal
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal, Death Metal
Bomb Scare Crew - Reign Of The Sharks, Modern Trash Metal
Bombsquad - Indicator, Metal / Crossover / Hardcore
Bombstrike - Born into this, Crustcore
BonerBitch - Score baby, Rock
Bonfire - One acoustic Night (DVD), Pop
Bong Baby Go Sub - Human Ignorance, New Rock-Dub-Core Metal?
Bongzilla - Amerijuanican, Doomcore / Southern Rock
Book of Reflections - Book of Reflections, Power Metal
Boomerang - Weaveworld, Power Metal
Boomerang - Balance of Hate, True Metal
Boon - Beauty is a sign of weakness, Neo-Thrash/Grunge
Born from Pain - In Love with the End, Hardcore / Metalcore
Born from Pain - War, Metalcore
Bösedeath - ...of death, Death Metal
Bowes & Morley - Mo's Barbeque, Melodic Rock


boysetsfire - The Misery Index: Notes from the Plague Years, Emocore


BoysVoice - Serenity, Melodic Rock
Braindeadz - Open up wide we're coming inside, Thrash
Braindeadz - Dr. Pain's Medicine, Thrash Metal
Braindeadz - Hang'em Highschool, Thrash Metal
Brainstorm - Liquid Monster, Power Metal
Branded Women - Velvet Hours-Stolen Moments, Pop
Breakpoint - None to sell, Hardcore
Breed - Breed, Schmutzrock / Metal
Brocas Helm - Defender of the Crown, Heavy Metal
Brocken Moon - Mondfinsternis, Black Metal
Brodequin - Methods of Execution, Brutal Death Metal
Broken Torso - The Ultimate Abhorrence, Brutal Death Metal
Brother Firetribe - False Metal, Melodic-Rock
Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny of Souls, Heavy Metal
Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding, Heavy Metal
Bruce Dickinson - Anthology (3DVD), Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Brutal Hand - Brutal Hand, Heavy Metal
Bugenhagen - Expulsion, Thrash
Buio Omega - Pandemonium unleashed, Black Metal
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood (EP), Metal / Emo
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison, Metal / Emo Rock
Bullet for my Valentine - All these Things I hate (Revolve around me) (EP), Moderner Metal
Bullet for my Valentine - Tears don't Fall (EP), Moderner Metal
Bullet For My Valentine - Live at the Brixton Academy (DVD), New Metal
Burden of Grief - Fields of Salvation, Melodic Death / Thrash
Burden of Grief - Death End Road, Melodic Death Metal
Burnin' Dolls - Promo 2006, Rock
Burning Point - Burned down the Enemy, Power Metal
Burning Saviours - Hundus, 70ies Doom Rock
Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers, Heavy 70ies Rock
Burning Skies - Desolation, Death Metal / Deathcore
Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption, Death Metal / Grindcore
Burst - Origo, Progressiver Metalcore/Rock
Bury My Sins - Today´s Black Death, Metalcore
Bury your Dead - Cover your Tracks, Metalcore
Bütcher - Speed Metal Attakk, Speed Metal
By Brute Force - By Brute Force, Death Metal
By Night - Burn the Flags, Neo Thrash
By Night - A New Shape Of Desperation, Neo-Thrash
Byblis - Promo, Atmospheric Death Metal

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