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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Alle". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:

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Cactus - V, Rock
CAD - CTRL-ALT-DEL, Nu-Rock / Elektro
Cadaver - Necrosis, Death / Thrash Metal
Cadaveres - Soul of a new Breed, Neothrash
Cadaveria - Far way from conformity, Heavy Metal
Cadaverous Condition - To The Night Sky, Death/Thrash
Caedes - Promo 2004, Metalcore
Caedes - Blood, War, Perversion, Black Metal
Cage - Darker than Black, Power Metal
Caliban / Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program II, Metalcore
Callenish Circle - Pitch.Black.Effects, Melodic Death Metal
Calvarium - The Skull of Golgotha, Black Metal
Camorristas - Unexpected Humanity... In the Year of zero Toleran, Thrash / Heavy / Pagan Metal
Camp Jason - Welcome to Camp Jason, Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Camp Jason - Get rid of it, Crossover Metal
Candela - Reflect, Progressive Power Metal
Candlemass - Nightfall, Doom Metal
Candlemass - Candlemass, Doom Metal
Candlemass - The Curse of Candlemass (2-DVD), Doom Metal
Candlemass - King Of The Grey Islands, Doom!
Canis Luna - Lux Aeturnum Preview, Gothic Metal
Cannibal Corpse - The wretched Spawn, Death Metal
Cannibal Corpse - Kill, Death Metal
Cannon - Back in Business, Hard Rock
Cans - Beyond the Gates, Power Metal
Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse, Instrumental Progressive Metal
Capricorns - EP, Doom Rock / Metal
Captain Duff - Herbipolitan nightmare, Rotzrock
Cardinal Sin - Ressurection, Thrash Metal
Carnal Decay - Carnal Pleasures, Brutal Death Metal
Carnal Forge - Testify For My Victims, Moderner Thrash
Carpediem - The paralysed years, Progressive Metal
Casketgarden - This corroded Soul of mine, Melodic Death Metal
Cast Away - Promo 2004, Heavy Metal
Cast Away - Cast Away, Heavy Metal
Castaway - Over the Drowning Water, Power Metal
Castle Well - Back for revenge, Power Metal
Casus Belli - In the name of Rose, Power Metal
Catamenia - Winternight Tragedies, Melodic Black Metal
Catamenia - Location: Cold, Melodic Black Metal
Cataract - With Triumph came Loss, Metalcore
Cataract - Kingdom, Metalcore / Thrash Metal
Catarrhal - Putressence, Brutal Death Metal
Catch 22 - Awaken, Power Metal
Category V - Enter the tornado, Progressive/Power Metal
Catheter - Dimension 303, Grindcore
Cattle Decapitation - Humanure, Death Metal
Cattle Decapitation - Karma, Bloody Karma, Death Grind
Cause for Effect - 2001-2004, Jazz/Grind/Fusion
Celestial O'euvre - Second Chance, Progressive Rock
Cellador - Enter Deception, Power Metal
Centinex - World Declension, Death Metal
Centurions Ghost - A Sign of the Things to come, Doom / Thrash / Black Metal
Centurions Ghost - The Great Work, Doom / Thrash Metal
Centvrion - Invulnerable, Heavy Metal
Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien, Technischer Death Metal
Chainsaw - Smell the Saw, True Metal
Chalice - Shotgun Alley, Hard Rock / Melodic Metal
Champion - Promises Kept, Hardcore
Change of Heart - Truth or Dare, Melodic Rock / AOR
Changer - Breed the lies, Death Metal
Chaos Conspiracy - Out of Place, Crossover / Indie Rock / Noisecore
Chaosfear - One Step behind Anger, Thrash Metal
Chaossphere - Mankind?s heritage, Thrash Metal
Chaoswave - The White Noise Within, Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Chaosweaver - Cult of the buried serpent, Dark Metal
Chapel Desecrator - Wrecking your church, Thrash Punk
Chapel Desecrator - Out to Get You, Thrash Metal
Chapter Seven - Metamorphosis, Progressive Power Metal
Charade - II (und I), Melodic Hardrock
Charon - The Dying Daylights, Gothic Metal
Charon - Songs for the Sinner, Gothic Metal
Chastisement - The Alleviation of Pain, Thrash / Death Metal
Cheap Trick - Rockford, Rock
Cheope - Download Ideas, Progressive Melodic Metal
Chief Rebel Angel - Demo 2005, Rotzrock
Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet?, Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Chimaera - Myths and Legends, Power Metal
Chimaera - Rebirth - Death won`t stay us, True Metal
Chinchilla - Madtropolis, Power Metal
Chinchilla - Take no Prisoners, Power Metal
Chosen - Fragment (Pieces I-III), Dark Metal
Chris Caffery - Pins and Needles, Heavy Metal / Modern Metal
Chris Caffrey - Faces, Heavy Metal
Chthonian - Of Beatings and the Silence in between, Black / Death Metal
Chthonic - A Decade on the Throne (DVD + 2CD), Symphonic Black Metal / Dark Metal
Chthonic - Relentless Recurrence (Re-Release), Symphonic Black Metal
Chthonic - Pandemonium, Symphonic Black Metal
Cinnamoon - Cinnamoon, Rock
Cipher System - Central Tunnel Eight, Modern Melodic Death Metal
Cipher System / By Night - Split EP, Melodic Death Metal / Death-Thrash
Circle II Circle - Watching in Silence, Power Metal
Circle Of Pain & Südhessen Symphonic Orchestra - Classic live tunes (CD/DVD), Hardrock
Circle of Silence - Your Own Story, Dark Metal
Circle of Tyrants - The Art of Intensity, Power Metal
Circle of Tyrants - Deamocracy, Pogressive/Power Metal
Cirith Gorgor - Cirith Gorgor, Black Metal
Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead, Heavy Metal mit Doom-Einschlag
City Sleeps - Not an Angel, Alternative Rock / Emo Rock
Civilization One - Revolution Rising, Melodic Metal
Clairvoyant - Fighter's Soul, Epic & Melodic Metal
Clanrock - Flight of the phoenix, Mittelalter-Rock
Claustrofobia - Fulminant, Death / Thrash
Clonecircle - Prototype, Gothic / Industrial Rock
Clonecircle - Superimposed, Electro / Gothic Rock
Cloon - Cloon, Rock
Closer - Darkness In Me, Moderner Thrash
Closterkeller - Nero, Gothic Rock
Cloudburst - Welcome, Heavy Metal
Cloudscape - Cloudscape, Progressive Melodic Metal
Cloven Hoof - Eye of the Sun, Melodic Metal
ClusterheaD - Hole in my heart (EP), Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Cockroach - Broken, Nu Metal
Code - Nouveau Gloaming, Avantgarde Black Metal
Code - The Enemy Within, Melodic-Rock / AOR
Code Red - The Art of Trinity (Promo), Thrash Metal
Codeon - On my Side, Melodic Death Metal
Coldworker - The Contaminated Void, Death Metal
Collapse 7 - Supernova Overdrive, Grooviger Death Metal
Collarbone - The back of beyond, Alternative Rock
Colosseum - Chapter 1: Delirium, Doom Metal
Coma Star - Headroom of Conscience, Alternative
Comity - ... As Everything Is A Tragedy, Noisecore/Death Metal/Rock
Commander - World?s Destructive Domination, Death / Thrash Metal
Common Grave - Dehumanized, Death Metal
Communic - Conspiracy in Mind, Heavy Metal
Communic - Waves of visual Decay, Progressive Metal
Complex 7 - Process, Progressive Metal
Complex Range - The madness behind, Progressive Thrash
Concept - Reason and Truth, Power Metal
Concept - The Divine Cage, Symphonic Progressive Power Metal
Concept Insomnia - Ordinary Mirror, Metal
Concept Insomnia - Concept Insomnia, Progressive Metal
Concept of an Enemy - The Worst Is Yet To Come...., Midtempo Death Metal
Conjuring - Cure me, Neo Power Metal
Conquest of Steel - May your Blade never dull (EP), NWOBHM / True Metal
Conquest of Steel - Hammer & Fist, NWOBHM / True Metal
Consortium Project IV - Children of Tomorrow, Progressive Metal / Hard Rock
Conspiracy - Reincarnated, Melodic Black Metal
Conspirator - Second Conspiracy, Thrash
Contradiction - The voice of hatred, Thrash Metal
Contradiction - The Warchitect, Thrash Metal
Convergence - Points of View, Nu Metal
Coogans Bluff - CB-Funk, Heavy Rock
Cor Scorpii - Attergangar, Melodic Black Metal
Corde Oblique - Respiri, Neofolk
Corde Oblique - Volontà d'Arte, Folk / Neoklassik
Coreopsis - Coreopsis, Modern Rock
Cornerstone - Once upon our yesterdays, Hard Rock
Cornerstone - Two Tales of one Tomorrow, Melodic-Hardrock
Coronatus - Lux Noctis, Gothic Pop
Corrosif - Join us, Metal
Corrosive Mind - Corrosive, Old School Speed Thrash
Corruption - Orgasmusica, Stoner Rock
Corvus Corax - Venus Vina Musica, Mittelaltermusik
Count de Nocte - Luctisonus Dolor, Symphonic Black Metal
Count Raven - Re-Releases, Doom Metal
Courageous - Inertia, Neo Melodic Power Thrash
Courageous - Downfall of Honesty, Moderner Power / Thrash Metal
CP 24 - World between the Lines, Power Metal
Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine, Black Metal
Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast, Black Metal
Cradle of Filth - Eleven Burial Masses (CD + DVD), Symphonic Dark Metal
Cradle To Grave - CTG, Groove/Thrash Metal
Creature - Der Ursprung, Pagan/Black Metal
Creature - Kreuzlaub, Pagan / Black Metal
Creech - Take it all, Rock
Crematory - Klagebilder, Moderner Dark Metal
Creozoth - Creozoth, Stoner/Doom Rock
Crescent Shield - The Last of my Kind, US Power Metal
Cresent - Cresent, Power Metal
Crest Of Darkness - Give us the power to do your evil, Gothic Death/Black Metal
Cretin - Freakery, Death / Grind
Crime In Stereo - Crime In Stereo Is Dead, Alternative / Punkrock
Criminal - Sicario, Death / Thrash Metal
Crimson Falls - The True Face Of Human Nature, Death Metal / Hardcore/ Prog
Crimson Glory - Transcendence, Melodic Metal
Crimson Moonlight - Veil Of Remembrance, Melodic Grind / Black Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson Warfare, Thrash Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson Slaughter, Thrash Metal
Crimson Steel - Crimson warhead, Thrash Metal
Crionics - Neuthrone, Black/Death Metal
Cripper - Killer Escort Service, Thrash Metal
Cripper - Freak Inside, Thrash Metal
Crisis - Like Sheep led to slaughter, Hardcore/Thrash
Cristal - Here we are, Melodic / True Metal
Critical State - Mankind, Melodic Metal
Critical State - Poet of the lost Dreams, Power Metal
Cross X - Emolution, Modern Metal / Hardcore
Crossbow - Break the Ice, Power Metal
Crossfire - Decisions of hate, Thrash Metal
Crowbar - Lifesblood for the Downtrodden, Doom Core
Crowleys Passion - In My Blood, Metalcore
Crowpath - Son of Sulphur, Technischer Death/Grind/Doom
Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call, Folk
Crusade - Resilience, Death Metal
Crusader - SkinClad, Heavy Metal
Crusher - Jackpot, Thrash Metal
Crushing Blow - Far Away, Melodic Metal
Crux - Rev Smrti, Death/Thrash
Cryonic Temple - In thy Power, Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Cryptic Wintermoon - Of Shadows... and the dark things your fear, Melodic Black/Death Metal
Cryptopsy - None so vile, Death Metal
Crystal Ball - Hellvetia, Hardrock
Crystal Dragon - Crystal Dragon, Power Metal
Crystal Eyes - Confessions of the Maker, Power Metal
Crystalic - Watch Us Deteriorate, Death Metal (Progressive)
Cuatro X - The last Days, Melodic Thrash Metal
Cuatro X - Hatefront, Thrash Metal
Cuitlahac - Demo 2006, Unorthodox Grindcore
Cult of Catharsis / Opus Forgotten - Split CD, Melodic Black Metal
Cult of Luna - Salvation, Post Hardcore / Noiserock / Doom
Cult of Luna - Somewhere along the Highway, Postcore / Noiserock

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