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Ihr befindet Euch in der Kategorie "Alle". In der folgenden Liste findet Ihr alle Reviews, die bislang für diese Kategorie geschrieben wurden:

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L'Âme Immortelle - Fallen Angel (Promo Single), Synthie Pop
L'Âme Immortelle - Dein Herz (Single), Gothic Rock / Pop
L'Estard - Baptized In Blood, Death Metal
L.A. Guns - Golden Bullets, Glam Rock
La Division Mentale - la eXtase des fous, Industrial Black Metal
Labyrinth - Freeman, Progressive Metal
Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes for frozen Hearts, Gothic Rock
Lacrimas Profundere - Burning: A Wish, Gothic Metal
Lacrimosa - Lichtjahre (Live CD), Gothic Rock
Lacuna Coil - Comalies, Gothic Rock
Lady Bloody Mary - [postmodern_pessimism_creation.], Industrial Rock
Lady Morphia - Essence and Infinity, Orchestraler Folk
Laid In Ashes - Bastards From Hell, Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Lakehurst - Miracles, Hard Rock
Lakehurst - Close your eyes, Hard Rock
Lament - Breathless, Melodic Metal
Lance Lopez - Simplify your Vision, Bluesrock
Landguard - Eden of a parallel Dimension, Power Metal
Lanfear - Another Golden Rage, Melodic/Power Metal
Lapko - Scandal, Indie Rock
Last Autumn's Dream - Last Autumn's Dream, Melodic Rock
Last Autumn's Dream - Winter in Paradise, Melodic Rock
Last Autumn's Dream - Saturn Skyline, Melodic Rock
Last Empire - Last Empire, US Metal
Last Prophecy - Destination Unknown, Heavy Metal
Last Tribe - The Uncrowned, Melodic Metal
Last Warning - Face 2 Face, Hardcore / Crossover
Lastdayhere - From Pieces created, Nu Rock / Modern Metal
Latrodectus - In Unisono + Storm in Mind, Heavy Metal
Lay Down Rotten - Reconquering The Pit, Death Metal
Leatherwolf - Leatherwolf, US Metal
Leaves? Eyes - Legend land, Gothic Metal
Lechery - Violator, Melodic Metal
Led Zeppelin - DVD (2-DVD), Hard Rock
Lee Z - Shadowland, Prog Rock / Metal
Legacy - Stand and Conquer, US Metal / Power Metal
Legal Crime - Enfiled EP, Progressive Metal
Legion - Shadow of the king, Heavy Metal
Legion of Sadism - Auf Gedeih und Verderb, Black Metal
Legs Diamond - Diamonds are Forever, Hard Rock
Lemmy - Damage Case (The Anthology), Rock'n'Roll / Psychedelic Rock / Heavy Rock / Metal
Leng Tch'e - The Process of Elimination, Grindcore
Let Me Dream - Soulshine, Gothic Metal
Let Me Dream - Soulshine, Gothic Metal
Lethal - Programmed, Prog Metal
Letzte Instanz - Götter auf Abruf, Folk Metal
Letzte Instanz - Ins Licht, Folk Rock / Metal
Letzte Instanz - Das weisse Lied, Akustischer Folk Rock
Leviathane - Mystery, Melodic / Power / Gothic Metal
Liberty N? Justice - Soundtrack of a Soul, Hardrock
Liege Lord - Freedom's Rise, US Metal
Light Pupil Dilate - Snake Wine, Metal / Hardcore / Indipendent
Limbonic Art - Legacy of Evil, Symphonic Black Metal
Livid Halcyon - Real Supremacy, Rock / Metal
Living Sorrow - This is where my heart shall break, Doom Metal
Lizzy Borden - Love you to Pieces, Heavy Metal
Lizzy Borden - Appointment with Death, US Metal
Ljå - Til Avsky For Livet, Black Metal
Loch Vostok - Destruction Time again, Moderner Melodic Death Metal
Logar's Diary - Book I: Iostros, Power Metal
Logar?s Diary - Book II: Parlainth ? The forgotten city, Power Metal
Loits - Vere Kutse Kohustab, Folk Black Metal
Lonewolf - Unholy Paradise, Power Metal
Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay, Postrock / Progressive Rock
Longing For Dawn - A Treacherous Ascension, Funeral Doom Metal
Loonataraxis - GlobaLies, Hardcore / Crossover
Lord Belial - The Seal of Belial, Black Metal
Lord Belial - Nocturnal Beast, Death/Black Metal
Lord Belial - Revelation, Melodic Black Metal
Lordi - Get Heavy, Heavy Metal
Lordi - Would you love a Monsterman - Single, Heavy Metal
Lordi - The monsterican Dream, Hard Rock
Lordi - The Arockalypse, Hardrock
Lordian Guard - Sinners in the Hands of an angry God, Dark Epic Medieval Metal
Lords of Decadence - Cognitive note of discord, Melodic Death Metal
Lords Of Decadence - Bound to Fall, Death / Thrash Metal
Lords Of Decadence - Bound To Fall, Metalcore
Lords Of The Stone - The rhymes of bitterness, Doom Metal
Los Asesinos del Pentagrama - Duenos del Universo, True Metal
Los Deepest - Pocket Full of Nothing, Punk 'n' Roll
Los Los - Vamos A La Playa, Nu / Modern Metal
Los Suaves - Si yo fuera Dios, Rock'n'Roll
Losa - The perfect Moment, verschiedene Stilistiken; grob Metalcore
Loss - No Sanity left, Death Metal
Lost at Last - Heavy Metal 6-Pack, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Lost At Last - In Darkness, Heavy Rock
Lost Chapter - Visions to infinity, Heavy Metal
Lost Divison - Kings Don't Fall, Melodic Death / Metalcore
Lost Dreams - Where Gods Creation Ends, Melodic Death Metal
Lost Dreams - End of Time, Melodic Death Metal
Lost Eden - Cycle repeats, Metalcore / Thrash Metal
Lost Fate - Where dreams...have no end, Power Metal
Lost Horizon - A flame to the Ground beneath, Power Metal
Lost Innocence - The Man who loves Zymoticence, Prog Metal
Lost Legacy - Gates Of Wrath, Viking Metal
Loudblast - Planet Pandemonium, Death Metal
Love Dictator - Love Dictator, Hardrock
Love Lies Bleeding - Clinamen, Industrial Black Metal
Lovex - Guardian Angel (Single), Gun / Sony BMG
Lovex - Divine Insanity, Gothic Pop/Rock
Lowdown - Unknown, Nu Metal
Lowdown - Antidote, Neo Thrash
Loxodrome - State of the Union Speech, New / Alternative Metal
Luctus / Argharus - Sonitus Caeli Ardentis, Black Metal
Lucy's Doll - Formula for hate, Alternative Metal
Lujuria - El Poder del Deseo, Power Metal
Lullacry - Vol. 4, Heavy Rock
Lumsk - Det Vilde Kor, Folklore/Pop/Prog-Rock
Luna Field - Diva, Death / Black Metal
Lunar Eclipse - Morbid Visions, Death Metal
Lunarsea - EvolutionPlan.txt, Melodic Death Metal
Lunarsea - Bio Ashes Halo, Melodic Death Metal
Lunarsphere - Barriers Of Infinity, Melodic Death Metal
Lupercalia - Florilegium, Neoklassik / Mittelaltermusik
Lurid Trace - Final Progression, Old School Thrash Metal
Lust - We'll Never Die, Heavy Metal
Lye by Mistake - Arrangements For Fulminating Vective, Math / Jazz Grind
Lyfthrasyr - The final Resurrection, Melodic Black Metal
Lyfthrasyr - The recent foresight, moderner Black Metal
Lymphatic Glands - dto., Midtempo-Thrash
Lyriel - Prisonworld, Melodic Folk Metal
Lyriel - Autumntales, Dark Rock
L´Âme Immortelle - Auf Deinen Schwingen, Gothic Pop / Rock

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Snake Wine
Persecution Guaranteed
Gods of Emptiness
Consumption is Freedom?
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A Dead Lament
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Dreams are distant Memories
From Pieces created
Light Pupil Dilate
Snake Wine
Slough Feg
Elisa C. Martin
Astral Kingdom